Metalized film capacitor
for HVAC
Mainly provides motor capacitors, UPS capacitors,
lighting capacitors, DC link capacitors.

Metalized film capacitor manufacturer

In a society that depends on electricity to power nearly everything in our lives, safe, reliable capacitors are a must have, such as those produced here at Foshan Shunde Kesheng Electronic Co., Ltd. As a trusted metallized film capacitor manufacturer, we specialize in the production of metallized film capacitors widely used in household appliances, frequency changer circuits, and other industrial electric equipment. With factory space spanning more than 10,000 square meters and a staff of 300 talented, dedicated employees, not only do we provide standardized capacitors, but we also offer capacitors that have been customized to meet specific client requirements. Come visit us today, and let us help you meet all of your electricity handling needs with our professional metallized film capacitors. Details

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