MKP-CB Film Capacitor

MKP-CB Film Capacitor

Plastic case capacitor
Welder Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor

MKP-CB film capacitors are used in filter circuits or DC- blocking circuits for welding equipment, and other electronic equipment.

1. Small equivalent series resistance (ERS) allows a bearing for large ripple current.
2. Low self-inductance, small temperature rising.
3. Dry-type, solid epoxy resin encapsulation.
4. Engineering plastic case, easy installation.
5. Small dissipation factor (DF).

Notice: For other capacitances, size and performance parameters, please contact us.

Technical Parameters
Reference Standard IEC61071-60068, GB17702.1
Rated Voltage 400VDC
Rated Capacitance 2*10uF, 2*16uF, 2*13uF 100Hz @ +25℃
Capacitance Tolerance ±5 %(J) ±10 %(K) @ 100Hz @+25℃
Operation Temperature Range -40℃ ~+85℃
Storage Temperature Range -40℃ ~+85℃
Dissipation Factor (DF) tgδ≤0.0015 @ 1KHz @ +25℃
Insulation Resistance (IR) (Ris x C): ≥5000S T: +25 °C @ 1min & testing voltage: 100 Vdc
Dielectric Strength (Ut-t) 1.5Un for 10S
Voltage Between Terminals to Case 2500VAC 2s @+25℃ 50/60Hz
Service Life 100,000 hours at Un and Th≤ 70°C
Dielectric Material Metallized polypropylene film
Electrode Mounting Nut/Torsion Copper nut(M6≤3N.m, M8≤6N.m/IEC61881)
Case Engineering plastic case
Internal Filling Material Insulating filling adhesive (UL94- V0)
Comment: If the altitude is more than 2000 meters, tolerances towards technical parameters may generate due to the influence from convective cooling and external insulation.
Design Drawing
Design Drawing
Product Parameters
MKP-CB Un=400VDC Cn= 10~30μF (double-capacitance)
capacitor code C Un W1 P1 W H T L1 P
μF VDC mm mm mm mm mm H T
MKP-CB2*106J400VDC 2*10 400 102 91 76 36 32 58 28
MKP-CB2*206J400VDC 2*16 400 131 120 106 32 44 61 42
MKP-CB2*306J400VDC 2*30 400 131 120 106 45 44 63 28

Selection Guidelines
MKP-CB2 -106 J 400VDC
400VDC---------------------- rated voltage: Un=400VDC
J----------------------------capacitance tolerance: J(±5%), K(±10%)
106--------------------------rated capacitance: Cn=10.0 uF
MKP-CB2------------------ filter capacitor/ welder capacitor (CB type, double-capacity)

We can design capacitors with different parameters to meet customer requirements. If you're seeking more information or other options for the AC/DC LINK filter capacitors, please refer to the metallized film capacitor's specifications.

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