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KESHENG is a professional manufacturer of capacitors used in a variety of applications, including home appliance capacitors, compressor capacitors, filter capacitors, resonant capacitors, snubber capacitors and other varieties. We can also provide customized capacitors to meet client requirements. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    1. CBB60 Motor Run CapacitorApplications: CBB60 electric motor run capacitor are suitable for household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, water pumps and more.
      Features: low-loss, small inherent temperature rising, long life, safe and reliable.
      Rated Voltage: 110V.AC-450V.AC
      Capacitance Tolerance: ±3%, ±5%, ±10%
      Dissipation Factor: tgδ≤0.0025(100Hz)
    1. CBB61 Motor Run CapacitorCBB61 electric motor run capacitor could be divided into: CBB61 P0/S0 electric motor run capacitor and CBB61S P2/S3 explosion-proof electric motor run capacitor. They are all certified to CQC, UL, TUV, and CB certifications.
      CBB61 electric motor run capacitor are suitable to start motors for household appliances, such as air conditioner engines, fans, range hooks, large heating fans and more.
    1. CBB61s Motor Run CapacitorThe CBB61S motor run capacitor uses segmented safety film as additional protection. When the voltage changes sharply, an automatic short circuit can be realized to achieve the purpose of explosion protection. This series of products have passed CQC, UL, TUV, and CB certification.
      CBB61 electric motor run capacitor are suitable to start motors for household appliances, such as air conditioner engines, fans, range hooks, large heating fans and more.
    1. CBB65 Single Run CapacitorCBB65 motor start and run capacitors are suitable for heat pumps, air conditioning compressors, water heaters and more. We also offer customized capacitors with different lead out types.
      When your product gives a small installation space for capacitors, we recommend this oval shaped motor run capacitor, which is often used in large lamps, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and other appliances.
    1. CBB65 Dual Run CapacitorThe dual run capacitor is commonly used for HVAC units (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), its normal range is from 1.5/10 to 15/80 μF.
      The dual run capacitor is often used as air conditioning capacitor, which is also widely used in motor starting operations for washing machines, dishwashers, fans, etc.
    1. KESHENG Electronic's metallized polypropylene film capacitors are widely used in chargers, inverters and UPS systems. Depending on the circuit design, we can provide square-shell pin type capacitors, axial capacitors and aluminum-shell capacitors. All products pass the 1000-hour service life test before mass production to ensure reliable quality and meet long-term operation requirements.
      Capacitance range: 10 to 200 µF
      Capacitance tolerance: ±5%
      AC voltage range: 240 VAC to 660 VAC
      Temperature range: -40°C to +70°C standard
    1. The High Voltage Capacitor provided by KESHENG Electronic is suitable for high voltage instantaneous discharge applications. We use German metallized film materials and the latest design structure to make the product to have a long-term use in high temperature and high humidity environment. And the product is stable in operation, fast in discharge and long in service life, can be widely used in outdoor safety fences and medical equipment, etc.
      Capacitance range: 15 to 80 µF
      Capacitance tolerance: ±5%
      DC voltage range: 800 VDC to 2000 VDC
    1. Snubber CapacitorKesheng's snubber capacitors are widely used in PBC DC circuits, SMPS input filters, output filters, and DC filters. Axial IGBT snubber capacitors are widely used in IGBT snubber circuits. The peak voltage and peak current can be absorbed for protection when the power is switched off.
    1. LC Circuit Resonant CapacitorKesheng manufactures a variety of LC circuit resonant capacitors, including the MKP-IBX film capacitor, MKP-GP film capacitor and MKP-GW film capacitor. MKP-IBX film capacitors are also suitable for commercial electromagnetic oven resonant circuits, electric welding machines, and induction heating electronic equipment in resonant circuits.
    1. Filter CapacitorKESHENG is a professional capacitor manufacturer capable of producing a variety of capacitors, including industrial capacitors, home appliance capacitors, filter capacitors and more. MKP-DA filter capacitors are suitable for low pass filter and AC motor control circuits, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), frequency changers, electroplating power supply, inverters, large SMPS, and motor starters.
    1. Welder CapacitorWelder capacitors are widely used as a filter in welding machines, blocking circuits and other electronic equipment. MKP-CB film capacitors are used in filter circuits or DC- blocking circuits for welding equipment, and other electronic equipment.
    1. KESHENG Electronic's dry type capacitor and oil-filled capacitors are widely used in various lighting applicaitons, including fluorescent lamps, metal halide and sodium high pressure lamps.
      Filling material type: Epoxy (dry), PB oil
      Case: Round, oval aluminum/plastic case
      Terminals: Single/dual, quick-connection/wiring
      Additional: Resistors, M8-studs, mounting brackets, dual capacitance

Kesheng is a leading plastic film capacitor manufacturer mainly provides metallized polypropylene film capacitor, we have CBB61 and CBB60 motor run capacitor, CBB65 motor start and run capacitor, filter capacitor for use in AC circuit, DC circuit and pulse circuit. For home appliance motor starting and electronic circuit filtering, our film capacitor is a kind of dry type capacitor to satisfy your needs. If you want plastic film capacitor with capacitance range from 0.40μF to 100μF, please let us know and we can also design and manufacture custom size capacitors for clients.