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Testing and Quality Control

We have UL-certificated testing room, which can test various performance indicators before production to ensure that the finished products can meet the performance requirements of customers, in order to achieve long service life, safety and explosion protection, and ensure that the products can work stably at high temperature and high humidity conditions.

Online/finished-product testing facility:
Semi-finished product testing/ semi-finished product tester (energized facility): Appropriate voltage is applied to remove residual air and impurities in the film, which helps to test the voltage withstanding property, capacity and energy consumption of semi-finished products, thus to screen out unqualified ones.

Finished-product testing/automatic voltage withstand tester:
The automatic voltage withstand tester is used to test the voltage withstanding property, the capacity and energy consumption of the finished product, thus to screen out unqualified ones.

Longevity testing/durability tester:
By sampling every product batch before they are sent out for delivery, we can verify product long term performance through an acceleration of the test conditions.

Flame retardant testing/glow-wire tester:
We can test the flame resistance performance of the capacitor surface by exposing it to a flame.

Destructive testing/ Explosion-proof test chamber:
This is done to verify the capacitor's explosion resistance by increasing the voltage.

Why are we an excellent in capacitor manufacturer?
  • Product design: Our products are designed by a chief engineer with more than 30 years of industry experience. He oversees the production process and is supported by a technical team from Hong Kong.
  • Manufacturing capacity: we produce capacitors with automatiic production lines that comply with ISO9001 management requirements. The production lines allow an average daily output of 120,000 capacitors.
  • Our products will undergo a full inspection before they go out for delivery. All tests related to capacitor testing can be done with the testing methods and testing conditions approved by GB/T, UL and EU standards

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