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    1. Design Capability
    2. Design Capability

      Kesheng designs and manufactures film capacitors for the household appliance and power electronics industry. Depending on the circuit and application requirements, we can provide capacitor design and optimal structural design services to meet customer needs.

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    1. Manufacturing Facility
    2. Manufacturing Facility

      Kesheng owns a modern production base of 10,000 square meters and more than 250 employees. The factory was divided into 3 workshops to support 11 different routine processes, including slitting, winding, hot press, forming, welding, assembly, testing, appearance inspection, marking, casing and packaging.

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    1. Testing and Quality Control
    2. Testing and Quality Control

      Kesheng has built own testing room, which can test various performance indicators before production to ensure that the finished products can meet the performance requirements of customers, in order to achieve long service life, safety and explosion protection, and ensure that the products can work stably at high temperature and high humidity conditions.

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    1. Qualified Certification
    2. Qualified Certification

      Kesheng capacitors are certified with CQC, VDE, TUV, UL, Indian BIS and so on. All the products manufactured are compliance with EU latest RoHS Environmental Directive.

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